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Since 1980, Action Manufacturing has strived to provide the best posssible water treatment systems for homes like yours.

Today we are one of Southwest Florida's leading manufacturers of water conditioning, filtration, and indoor/outdoor aeration systems.

Our Water Guard line includes a wide variety of residential water treatment systems ranging from water softeners to whole-house reverse osmosis units.

Action Manufacturing also specializes in turn-key residential aeration systems designed to offer a cost-effective and non-chemical means of removing and/or reducing dissolved gasses in well water and water from municipal systems. Some of the gasses which can be removed or reduced by aeration include hydrogen sulfide, methane, radon, chlorine and volatile organic compounds.

Finally, we also offer a complete line of light commercial water treament systems and replacement parts.

Dealers and for wholesale sales contact us directly at 239-574-3443 for a free consultation or to request a sales catalogue by mail. If you require a residential system, contact us for the dealer nearest you.