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Does your water taste funny, smell odd, or have a color to it?

My water didn't taste odd (I thought) until I did a taste comparison of this filtered water next to my tap water. My water had a taste to it, and it wasn't good! There are areas in which water contamination is an issue - seepage of contaminants into the ground, which gets into the water. I think my area is safe from contaminants, but the water is processed. There are lots of problem chemicals added to water when processing in a water plant, and there are some that are not good for us. Like fluoride, for example. Yes, we have been told we'll get cavities without fluoride, and that it is safe. Look at your toothpaste tube - there is a warning about digesting the toothpaste - fluoride isn't good for you. I now drink water that I feel is safe, and there is no flavor.

In the light of more recent threats of biological warfare, we need to understand that most measures we take are for our own proactive peace of mind. That is fine, if it allows us to live a pretty normal life. Water filtering can take a lot of toxins out (some of the known contaminants are known to be of a large enough size that our filters can stop their flow) of the water, but in reality there isn't a known filter for all biological chemicals that can be used. However, take heart in knowing that a HUGE amount of any chemical must be put into the water supply in order to cause a problem, and it is nearly impossible to get such a large amount into a supply - both in the way it would be noticeable that a tanker is driving to a reservoir, and for having such a large amount of chemical readily available. The greater risk lies in the ability of the water flow to be interrupted. There can be damage caused to the water flow route, so that it cannot get to homes. In the case of this happening, it might be considered wise to stock up on water. Get some containers, and store water in your home. Replace the water every once in awhile to keep it fresh, perhaps once a week or so. Keep those empty milk jugs filled with water and place in the freezer for a ready supply if needed. You might want to consider getting a hand pump filter (yes, we sell these) for the case in which electricity might go out - then you can be assured that the possible toxins from the containers will be effectively filtered, as well. Just do what is needed to insure a safe supply in case of emergency, and in keeping your peace of mind intact.

There are many toxins and chemicals which can be blocked with our filtering system. The units can block up to a certain size particle, and even certain anthrax particles would fall into this size range and so could be blocked. Be aware that not all can be stopped, and not all chemicals can be monitored, tested or blocked. Be assured that our filters can offer you the optimum safety as any system can.

About 90% of the population is drinking water which may contain hundreds of Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs) which are also known as Trihalomethanes- and some are likely human carcinogens!

  • Trihalomethanes have been linked in studies to more than 10,000 new bladder and rectal cancers each year.
  • The EPA has lowered the Maximum Contaminant Content for DBPs, but it will be years before the new standard goes into effect.
  • More than 30 million Americans are drinking water with lead levels in excess of the Maximum Contaminant Level as set by the EPA.
  • Lead is considered the number 1 health threat to children, and its effects last a lifetime ... lead poisoning can stunt growth, damage the nervous system, and cause learning disabilities.
  • Over 900,000 people become ill each year from, and as many as 90,000 die from waterborne disease.
  • Microscopic cysts(Giardia and/or Cryptosporidium) have been found in 97% of our surface water supplies and in 39% of drinking water supplies in the US.
  • About 14.1 milliom Americans routinely consume drinking water containing pesticides, including weed killers, atrazine, alachlor, and simazine.
  • More than 120 million people (close to 50% of the population) may get unsafe waer, according to a study done by the Natural Resources Defense Council.
  • The US General Accouting Office reports that there are serious deficiencies in water treatment plants in 75% of the states.

What Can We Do About It???

We can run our drinking water through filters which can eliminate or drastically reduce these contaminants and carcinogens. The nationally recognized standards established for the drinking water industry confirm that the most effective systems for the removal of aesthetics and health effects contaminants are those which utilize solid carbon block filtering technology. Our systems use this technology, and have been listed, certified and/or registered by many entities.

Email us and let us show you our fine filtering systems. It will make a difference you can tell- in taste, in your health, in water analysis testing, in feeling good about your water. Do a side-by-side comparison with tasting out filtered water next to your tap water - it's noticeable!