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Action Manufacturing & Supply offers a complete line of aerators. Models range from 130 gallon to 500 gallon capacities with indoor and out door applications.

Aerators will reduce/remove unwanted odors, gasses, and VOC's from your water supply. Action's aerators also reduce water borne radon which can be found in some water supplies. In conjunction with other radon reduction methods, aerators can be an effective alternative.

Our aerators work on a simple process of spraying water through nozzles in a fine jet mist. As the water is spraying, it will naturally release the gas or odor. The gas is then vented to the outside using the assistance of a vent blower on indoor models, or naturally released to the atmosphere when using an outdoor aeration system.

Duke Water Aeration System

Aerators are a non-chemical alternative for reduction or removal of unwanted gasses or odors. Action Manufacturing's Aerator tank is atmospheric and requires a pump and pressure tank to provide water pressure to the house or building.

Action Manufacturing & Supply offers a limited 10 year warranty on the aerator tank from manufacturing defects. See warranty for complete details.

Model categories include: