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The CarboFil (tm) Carbon Filter System is a very simple yet effective means of improving the quality of drinking water in any home that is supplied by a municipal water system.

Having no moving parts, the CarboFil (tm) system is comprised of a rugged, rust proof, poly-glass tank which contains a special, high quality activated carbon filter media bed and a distributor head that directs the flow of water through the media bed.

The special carbon filter media has been particle sized to provide the most efficient reduction of taste and ordor caused by chlorine.

The carbon particles have a large pore structure which permits efficient reduction fo chlorine for a long period of time and the large proes branch into many smaller pores that enhance the removal of a wide variety of issolved organic compounds.


Models & Sizing

All standard model will include IN/OUT head, 8x44 Structural or Park poly-glass tank, ¾ cu ft carbon.

  • 844-C -- ¾" In-Out / carbon
  • 844-C1 -- 1" In-Out / carbon

  • All filters are offered with choice of tank; Structural FRP or poly-glass, or Park poly-glass.

  • Optional Structural FRP tank: blue or black
  • Optional tank hard cover, poly -glass tanks only
  • Optional by-pass
  • Tank hard covers: blue, almond, platinum