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A process that reverses, by the application of pressure, the flow of water in a natural process of osmosis so that the water passes from the more concentrated to the more dilute solution through a semipermeable membrane. It's a technical sounding title for something that's based on nature. Vegetation like trees, plants, and flowers use osmosis to draw water from the soil. Water in the soil (dilute solution) is drawn through plant cell membranes to the plant sap (concentrate solution). This process is osmosis.

Models & Sizing

  • Traditional TFC 24 gpd
  • Traditional CTA 14 gpd
  • Microline TFC 25 gpd
  • Microline TFC 25 gpd with 4E tank
  • Microline CTA 14 gpd
  • Microline CTA 14 gpd with 4E tank



  • TFC is a " thin film composite " wrapped membrane. Must not be used with chlorinated water
  • CTA is a "cellulose tri-acetate" membrane. Must have a chlorine residual in water supply